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Vacations for groups in Pinarella di Cervia

Mare e Vita for Groups

On vacation without barriers and without thoughts

Organizing a group vacation is always challenging. Mare Vita Village facilitates any kind of planning by thinking of everything for you!
Our Village was created with the desire to be accessible to everyone, whatever their abilities or inclinations.
We offer an endless list of services, choosing the most suitable for you, you can design a vacation tailored to you and your group, with minimal effort.



Sea and group sports, the perfect combination! The most advantageous solutions for all sports clubs that organize tournaments or vacations. We have Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Bowling, etc...



Cheerful groups and activities in freedom. On the Riviera, fun is guaranteed at any time of day! Sea, water and theme parks, aperitifs, music. The Village offers the perfect spaces and facilities to bring together all your love of being together!



The absence of architectural barriers of any kind and the attention to detail and service make Mare Vita Village the best space to accommodate any type of disability. Because in front of the sea we are all really equal.



Didactics and sea, to learn by the sea from the sea! Observing nature offers us a great open-air school. That's why Mare Vita Village can be the ideal destination for an educational trip that combines fun and learning.

Mare e Vita for Groups

A vacation for everyone? Mare Vita Village gathers six vacation homes situated on the relaxing beach of Pinarella di Cervia.
They are all provided with tailor-made services and facilities. Whatever type of group you belong to, you will find a tailor-made solution that will make you never want to go back home! With us, the vacation is without barriers, suitable for all types of sports but also for parishes, youth groups and many school groups in an environment naturally suited to vacations in the company.

Vacanze per Gruppi a Pinarella di Cervia

Mare e Vita Groups Formula

The range of services is varied and customizable, taking into account the needs of our guests, be they food, health, logistics and economic.
We build together the most suitable solution for each stay, making specific needs a priority to be met with the availability and professionalism of always.


The most complete choice: all services are included, from catering to room management and cleaning.


The perfect compromise between costs and services: we take care of the catering, the guests take care of the rooms.


A stay in complete autonomy: the structure, spaces and all services are managed by the guests.

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Mare e Vita for Groups

your holidays in Pinarella di Cervia for groups

Mare e Vita 1

It is the headquarter of Mare e Vita Village for groups and includes the offices, the bar and the self-service restaurant.
At Mare e Vita 1 you will find:
• rooms from 1 to 8 beds with bathroom
• no architectural barriers
• elevator
• cinema/meeting room
• bar/disco room
• restaurant with self service

Mare e Vita 2

Mare e Vita 2 is the second facility for group vacations in Pinarella di Cervia.
To access the offices, bar and restaurant dedicated to groups, just refer to the main building Mare e Vita 1.
Mare e Vita 2 gathers:
• one-roomed, two-roomed and three-roomed bedrooms
• bathroom in the room
• multipurpose recreation room
• large equipped garden

Mare e Vita 3

Mare e Vita 3 is the third structure for group vacations, it does not have offices, bar and restaurant dedicated to groups that can be accessed by referring to the main structure Mare e Vita 1.
At Mare e Vita 3 you will find:
• rooms with 2 to 6 beds
• bathrooms both inside and outside the bedrooms
• multipurpose recreation room
• equipped garden
Mare e Vita 3 is also suitable for self-management

Mare e Vita 4

Mare e Vita 4 is a secondary structure of Mare e Vita Village completely immersed in the green of the surrounding park with children's playground and shaded areas for guests to relax.
At Mare e Vita 4 you will find:
• rooms from 1 to 6 beds
• bathroom inside the rooms
• use of the large park of Mare e Vita Village
• veranda
Mare e Vita is also available for exclusive use.