Mare e Vita Village

On the beach between sun, sea and sport

The Mare e Vita Beach

Mare Vita Village is also a beach!

Outside the structures of the village the pine forest is waiting for you, a green and shady interval to walk in the middle of nature before reaching the sea.
The ideal space for activities such as jogging or mountain biking, thanks to the "Percorso Vita" that suggests routes and training for sportsmen and amateurs. The green areas are also inviting for relaxing picnics in the green, in contact with nature.
One hundred meters of secular maritime pines and then the beach, accessible to all, up to the blue sea.

The beach your way

According to your personal needs you can choose to experience the beach "your way".

If your desire for movement never goes on vacation, you will find the beach for sportsmen.

There are beach volleyball, beach tennis, basketball and table tennis courts. Let the competition begin!

Socializing on vacation has never been so easy! Mare Vita Village has designed a tailor-made beach for teenagers, where the rhythms are cadenced by recreational activities, immersed in fun.

But beach your way is also the beach without barriers and sports equipment, so that everyone can reach the sea in freedom. A safe and clean sea, thanks to the rescue service and services.

In addition, a relaxation area with shaded areas, a small kiosk for drinks, snacks and ice cream in front of the sea and the comfort of umbrellas and sunbeds, for a sun bath in complete serenity.