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Tourist Tax

Holiday in Pinarella di Cervia

Tourist Tax

The Municipality of Cervia instituted the tourist tax by resolution of the Municipal Council no. 190 dated October 13, 2015.
The tax is applied only to non-residents staying overnight in the Municipality of Cervia and for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights from April to September, while it is not due from October to March.
The amount of the tax per person per overnight stay at Centro Mare e Vita is as follows:

May - September
€ 0,50

The following exemptions are provided:
1. minors up to the age of fourteen;
2. individuals who assist patients hospitalized at health facilities located in the municipality, at the rate of one companion per patient;
3. personnel belonging to the State and local Police, the armed forces, as well as the National Fire Brigade who are staying for service needs;
4. bus drivers and tour leaders who provide assistance to groups organized by travel and tourism agencies. The exemption applies to each coach driver and one tour guide for every twenty-five participants;
5. subjects with disabilities not less than 80%;
6. any companions of persons with a disability of at least 80% who are also entitled to the INPS or INAIL accompaniment allowance, at the rate of one companion per person;
7. the Municipality of Cervia in the case of expenses for overnight stays sustained by the Municipality itself.

Application of the exemption is subject to the interested parties handing over the following forms to the manager of the accommodation facility:
• for the cases referred to in numbers 2, 3 and 4, a declaration in lieu of affidavit made in accordance with Presidential Decree no. 445/2000 and subsequent amendments and additions. Click here;
• for the cases referred to in numbers 5 and 6 appropriate certification.

Example: 2-week stay for 1 adult in July:
0,50 € x 7 nights (maximum period of application) = 3,50 €